The Nadi Astrology (also spelled as Naadi Astrology) or Nadi Jyotish, which is also called as Nadi Shastra or Nadi Jyothishyam/jothidam, is a well-known and reputed branch of Hindu Astrology that deals with making authentic predictions over almost all things of present life, and also the past and future lives of people. Because of containing predictions made by virtuous, unbiased, and munificent sages, this nadi astrology has been very reliable since ancient times. Today, this esoteric science of nadi astrology is immensely popular in south India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and in other parts of India. These divinations or predictions are inscribed on palm leaves [also called as nadi leaves], and are collectively termed as the Nadis or simply Nadi. The bundles of nadis are classified and indexed as per the specific lines present on the thumb impressions of different people. Based on the lines of a thumb impression of a person, any particular set of nadi leaves is selected for making predictions and curative suggestions. Again, there are present many naadis available separately, which have been named after the respective composers of these; the most reputed and popular among these are the Agasthiyar Naadi, Sughar Naadi, Kausikar Naadi, and the Mahashiva Naadi.

It is of immense and foremost importance that the nadi reader or nadi astrologer, must be well-versed and expert in reading the predictions inscribed in the naadis, in order to offer the authentic and trustworthy predictions to different people. Our guru ji astrologer Rahul Sharma is such a proficient nadi reader of global prominence and fame, for past many years. Today, our well-read and insightful guru ji is one of the hugely reputed, popular, and leading personalities in the fields of :
1. Astrology
2. Vashikaran
3. Psychic Reading
4. Hypnotism
5. Remedial Black Magic
6. Voodoo
7. Vastu
8. Reiki
9. and many other similar and cryptic fields.