Ancient, esoteric, well-tested, and globally well-known Astrology, inevitably contains a rather affluent gamut of information about marriage. And, therefore, this marriage astrology has been helping people regarding happy, harmonious, and lasting marriages, since ancient times. Through meticulous and close observations of the birth chart of a person, lots of very significant information about his/her marriage can be discovered with help of this marriage astrology. These vital and significant pieces of information about marriage, marital bliss, and relationship with the spouse and other relatives, together with the solutions to problems related with these things/areas, are described in other web-pages of this globally reputed and popular website. In this webpage, being provided below is exclusive information about the most probable type of marriage for a person, possible age of marriage, stability of marriage, and relationships with spouse and his/her kith and kin.

Love / Arranged Marriage Prediction by Astrologer Rahul Sharma
After conducting close observation and expert analysis of the birth chart (birth horoscope or natal chart, or Janma Kundali) of a person, authentic and reliable predictions about every aspect of marriage and marital life, can be discovered, by a well-learned and well-experienced astrologer like our guru ji. The main bases of love or arranged marriage prediction, and all other astrological forecasts related with time of marriage, and marital harmony and stability, are the following:
1. In the mentioned contexts, the most influential houses of the birth chart are fifth, seventh, fourth, eighth, third, tenth, and eleventh. The nature and status of planets in these houses, influences of good and bad planets in these houses, and effects of benefic and malefic planets in transit, etc. form the basis of forecasts regarding marriage and marital life.
2. Location of auspicious and beneficial planets in the fifth or seventh house, and their lords with strong Venus, is a clear indication of a very successful love marriage. Again, any relation between these two lords (through exchange of respective houses) or mutual aspect between them, signifies a love marriage, whenever the benefic planets aspect them in transit.