Vashikaran Mantra is very special spells to control someone because it's name is like it's effect vashi+karan Vashikaran is pure hindi word ! vashi's means are control and karan's means are do some spells to control someone and vashikaran means control someone by spells. in today's word every peoples are want to control someone for any reason like :- for sex, for want to destroy, for kill them, for control someone's mind,control someone for get back ex love etc. today's world full of enemy and some bad peoples who are every time scolded and want to broke someone's relationship and some peoples are want to control someone of sex, it's common think. we are face of many peoples who are disturb from thereenemy, boss, teacher, mother-father in laws, brother-sister in laws, husband-wife,ex boyfriend-girlfriend and some other peoples want they want to control there mind in our hand for there band habits, drinking, always scolded, disturbance, affair, second husband wife, boyfriend girlfriend etc., by the help of vashikaran mantras spells.