According to Pandit Rahul SharmaAstrology, Red Coral Gemstone represents the Planet Mars. The best Coral is found in the oceans of Italia and Japan. If Mars is giving good results in horoscope, one must wear a Red Coral. Coral can increase the strength of Planet Mars in the horoscope. It increases our power and decrease the laziness. Wearing Coral is also very helpful to decrease the in-auspiciousness of Manglik Dosh in horoscope and decrease the bad effects of this dosh. Menstrual blood loss in women, and as difficulties of blood pressure is also can be controlled by wearing Coral. If you have lack of courage to face enemies thrown at you dare, Red Coral will be very help full to face these kind of problems, as by wearing Coral we are prepare with fearlessness and courage to face the enemy. The lack of confidence in children and defeatism is located on-site course they should wear Coral so they can face the world and its difficulties. Police and Army officials must wear Coral. People involved in the businesses of Jewelry and Restaurants must wear a Coral to get success in these fields. To get the good effects of Planet Mars one must wear high-quality Japanese or Italian Corals Only. It should not have the black spots on it and should be red colored but before wearing Coral You should always seek the advice of experienced astrologer..

Red coral is a naturally occurring gemstone ruled by the fiery Planet Mars. As per Vedic Astrology, Mars symbolizes courage, self confidence, concentration, good health, success in career and prosperity in marital life. Mars is an important planet that may wreck havoc on one's life, career, health and marital relations, if not positioned well in one's horoscope. This Gemstone is an astrological remedy to strengthen Planet Mars. And wearing red coral protect one from the malefic effects of weak Mars on different aspects of life.