Pearl is the gemstone for the Zodiac Sign Cancer. This gem is associated with the Moon which is representation of the mind. The sub stones or substitute stones of Chandra are white coral, moon stone and milky agate. This gem is also referred to as 'Moti'. Pearls are obtained from the Sea. Pearls are available in different shapes and colors. Pearl is the Queen of Gems and an emblem of purity, innocence. Wearing pearl reduces anger and unwanted thoughts. It also brings wealth and happiness and stability in life. This is one stone anyone can wear and make fantastic ornaments. There are no negative results unlike other gems. Pearls should be worn when your horoscope calculates your weakest planet as the Chandra or Moon. Pearl can also be worn if a person is mentally weak and exceedingly emotional or have uncontrollable anger or worries. This gem should also be worn by those who are pessimistic or under depression and brings a calming influence on the mind and increases feelings of love and compassion for other people.

The minimum one should wear pearls is 4 carets. It is more auspicious to wear 5, 7, or 9 carets or 109 beads pearl Mala. The Ornament should be made in silver and worn on a Monday before 10 AM after washing it in holy water and unboiled milk and after touching the pearl on the feet of Lord Shiva.

Pearl is very special and unique gemstone it represents the planet Moon. Moon reflects the human mind. In Astrology it is significator of mind and mother. If your Moon is the Lord of ascendant, lord of 5th house, lord of 9th house, lord of 10th house, full Moon or exalted Moon is placed in Kendra or Trikona it means your Moon is beneficial in your horoscope so you must wear Pearl stone for happiness, success, comfort and luxury in their life.