Vedic astrology Rahul Sharma of the horoscope are useful in knowing the amount of wealth one may enjoy in his life. In addition to this, the source of money or financial gains can also be ascertained. Winning lottery depends upon the strength and relationship of fifth house with second, eleventh and ninth houses. In vedic astrology horoscope of a person, If fifth lord is strong, and having positive relationship with second and/or eleventh houses – there can be financial gains by winning lottery. The level of winning lottery will depend upon the strength and nature of the planets involved. Moon, Mars, Rahu and Saturn are observed to be giving enormous and sudden materialistic gains when they are strong and under influence of positive planets.

The eighth house of vedic astrology horoscope indicates sudden incidents and hidden things. And, if in vedic astrology horoscope of a person, eighth house is strong and having relationships with wealth denoting planets, it can also bless with sudden financial gains through lottery and/or speculation.

The twelfth house is also related with indicating financial gains from speculation, lottery etc. This is so because besides other things, twelfth house also rules over expenses and vices. In most of the societies, playing lottery is considered as a bad habit equivalent to vice. And, positive and strong position of planets placed in twelfth house or of twelfth lord bless the native with easy ways of meeting his/her expenses through vices like lottery, games or speculation. Fifth house of vedic astrology birth chart is also related to intuition. Strong fifth house enables a person in having quick and easy financial gains including winning lottery. If the relevant planets are strong and at the same time favorable planetary period is under operation, one can take his chances in lottery. Given below are real life example horoscopes of persons who succeeded in winning lottery.