Hessonite Gemstone is affiliated with the spiteful planet Rahu which is described as being one of the most important planets for human beings. Since, this planet has got the enormous capability of making a great impact on the life of an individual, therefore, as per modern astrology rahu is revered to be an important planet for human beings. However, here it is imperative to disclose this fact that rahu in authenticity does not have the physical existence in solar panel. In fact, it represents the north node of the moon and lower half of the snake. Nevertheless, due to its dominant features to affect the life of a human being, Rahu has rewarded with the status of the planet. Hessonite or gomedh/gomed stone as per religious text is acknowledged to be the stone which possess the eternal powers of the planet rahu.

Therefore, wearing hessonite or gomedh stone can prove extremely benevolent for an individual who want to acquire exceptional powers of potent planet rahu consequently, wearing honey color hessonite or gomed stone will endow its user with money, longevity, good health, prosperity and happiness.Hessonite is an extremely important stone in Vedic astrology and like other garnets, it may also be worn as one of the traditional birthstones for the month of January. For many years, gems that were thought to be zircon were discovered to be hessonite.

The name, 'hessonite', was derived from the Greek word 'hesson', meaning 'inferior' - in reference to the fact that hessonite has a density and hardness lower than that of most other forms of garnet. It is referred to as the 'cinnamon stone' or the 'kaneel stone' in reference to its distinct color. Other types of grossular garnets include the more common green grossularite, chromium-rich tsavorite, the rare hydrogrossular garnet and the rare leuco garnet (colorless).