Cats Eye is the Best Gemstone for Ketu . The Name Cats eye is Derived because of its Color and Similarity to the Eyes of the Cats as It possess a small band of light throughout the surface named as Chatoyance Just Like the eye of a cat Thus it is described as Cat's Eye gemstone or lehsunia. The stone is aesthetically quite beautiful and very shiny. This gemstone is worn to Reduce the Malificness of the mythical planet 'Ketu' also known as 'Dragon's Tail' as it is the headless lower body of the planet Rahu.

This Gemstone is Also Called Lehsunia in Hindi . In sanskrit it is known as Vaidurya Mani, Hemvaiduriya, Keturatna, Vidooraja and Vidalaksha. As per Astrology One Faces many Problems or Obstacles in Life During the Ketu dasa and Cats Eye is the Best Gemstone to Reduce the Ill Effects and Provide Relief to the Wearer During the Ketu Dasa . Also cats eye stone is very helpful for Pisces Rashi . Cats Eye Gemstone is an opaque gemtone, And it Concidered to be of a Hot constitution. Ketu is the south node of the moon . In Astrology it is Belived that the planet Ketu has got karmic influences and it is generally accepted that during the Dasa of Ketu A person gets results as per their past Karma and many Times this Ketu Dasa is Painfull . Many Times Ketu Dasa Gives Extreme Results . Ketu Planet is also a Significator of spirits or ghosts, recurring bad dreams, frequent Un Necessary travel, major Doshas such as Kalsarpa dosha, Sarpa dosha are also caused by this planet. Ketu is also considered a very spiritual and religious planet. Thus After Wearing a Cats Eye gemstone a person feels content, detached from worldly desires and interested in spirituality. Many Times its Seen in Certain Horoscopes that a well-posited Ketu in its Dasa provides spiritual enlightenment and feeling of detachment from worldly desires.