The Birth Chart Analysis or Analysis of Vedic Horoscope is one of the basic and pivotal services offered by our world-famous and veteran vedic astrologer. The birth chart analysis is considered to be of paramount importance in Vedic Astrology, for extending astrological solutions and suggestions and making accurate astrological predictions. This webpage is exclusively written to provide detailed and very useful information about the vedic birth chart analysis, and services extended by our highly erudite, globally renowned, and innovative astrologer of India, in connection with this chart.

The astrology birth chart is also known as the natal chart, or Janmakundali, or vedic birth horoscope. Since ancient times, this astrology birth chart has been being utilized for predicting successfully things and occurrences possible in various spheres of life of the native (whose birth chart is being analyzed). Thus, the birth horoscope is certainly a magnificent and unique means for obtaining vital information about things of life from. The birth chart of a person shows the exact position of all planets in specific astrological houses and zodiacal signs, at the time of birth of the person. This very chart forms the basis for revealing things and making predictions associated with various fields of life of the native.